Friday, January 28, 2011

Just Say No

I am of the generation that was a bit too young to go Woodstock, but 'almost made it.' My friend-of-a- friend's brother invited us to share the ride to the consummate festival of counter culture. My parents pretended to discuss my tearful petition to go, but ultimately I stayed home that weekend. A photo of the brother in the crowd was printed - a glossy testament to his place in history.
My cousin and I lived vicariously by reading Look and Life magazines-- (there was no People magazine) coveting the styles, the excitement, the beauty and colorful world beyond our cornfields. We tried elephant pants, bell bottoms, chokers, slave bracelets, white lipstick...
All this is leading up to a confession, and I cringe as I write -we smoked banana peels. Or I should say, we TRIED to smoke banana peels and failed.  Somehow we got the information that Donovan's song 'Mellow Yellow' was about the euphoric benefits of banana peel inhaling. We were all for that- something to change our minor and boring lives-just reach for the fruit bowl! After trying and failing to ignite the fruit, we gave up. There was no helpful internet to give us directions. Later I read the banana peel story originated from Country Joe and the Fish. It didn't work for them, either.
This memory surfaced recently when a customer asked me if I was going to continue to sell bath salts that were so dangerous. Then I read in the newspaper about a chemical that was being abused and damaging brains all over. It is found in something that is being called 'bath salt', but is most definitely not for baths.
For more information- read this article from a trusted source

Children will always stretch the boundaries of what they know-sometimes in an unsafe manner. That is part of life and learning. Parents have an enormous responsibiltiy to keep the balance between too strict and too lax and still allow for discovery.
As a grandmother, I can smile at our innocent experimenting but I know well it is now a different era, with dangers we never imagined.
Sugarloaf Herb Farm Bath Salts contain Sea Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Apricot Kernel Oil, Sunflower Oil, Fragrance (either Essential Oil or Fragrance Oil),Glycerin, and most have a dab of safe color to make the bath water pretty. Hot water and salt will pull toxins from the body. That rejuvenating feeling after a bath is not imaginary! A 20 minute bath will transform an uninspired day --and your brain cells will be secure.

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