Monday, April 12, 2010

Scented Spring Beauties

This is my Native Plum tree in blossom. It's a weedy little shrubb-ish tree that spreads underground like sumac. I ordered it on a whim from Kelly's garden catalog.You know: the catalog for gardeners with more patience than money. The postman delivers slender, bare rooted sticks that will eventually catch and start to produce in a few years time.
The plums from the tree are tiny and sweet-one bite and they are gone. Its hard to imagine making quantities of jam. In trying to encourage a larger fruit, I pruned (AKA hacked) severely but the plums seem to be genetically small.The white flowers in Spring are really what keeps me from giving up on Native and planting a more voluptuous tree.The blossoms are fragrant, penetrating and yes, intoxicating. The sunshine and breezes bring wafts of concord grapes, cotton candy and a floral note I can't quite name. It is one of my spring treats and the bees and I love it.
Here is another gorgeous spring beauty. This is Koreanspice Viburnum. This smells like gardenia and myrrh and it will stop you in your tracks. I also purchased this from Kellys catalog. It is now about ten feet and this week it is full of blooms.

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